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Trump Busted Telling Humiliating Lie About the Crowd Size of His Philadelphia Rally

Social media has been abuzz over the shrunken crowd size at Donald Trump’s rally in Philadelphia on Saturday. And no, Trump is not happy about any of this. At all. He’s definitely in a snorty and farty mood over these claims and is angrily refuting them.

Trump can be as upset as he likes but images circulating on social media show that many of the 10,000 seats at Temple University’s Liacouras Center were empty. Especially in the Center’s top row.

Nevertheless, on Tuesday, he still fumed on Truth Social, writing: “The Biden Campaign engaging in Cheap Fakes! They’re embarrassed that they drew a very weak Crowd, and so they have to manipulate and lie about President Trump’s energetic and overflow Rally. MAGA!” Newsweek reports.

He posted a photo labeled “Trump rally” that seemingly shows a full house at the venue, accompanied by a second image titled “Obama/Biden rally” that purports to show the same auditorium empty.

It isn’t known when the Obama/Biden image was taken, but Newsweek reports that when President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama showed up for a rally in the venue in 2022, the crowd was quite large. I think the photo showing the Center vacant for Biden and Obama’s appearance is probably photoshopped, but I can’t prove that of course. I could be wrong, of course, but that doesn’t really seem likely to me.

Let’s face it, social media users are having a field day over Trump’s rally. One such user, Democratic party chair and Election Commissioner Chris D. Jackson pointed to those empty upper tiers on X.

“Look at all those empty seats in Philadelphia. Old man can’t even fill a high school gym fill anymore,” Chris D. Jackson wrote on X, formerly Twitter, adding: “Sad.”

One user refuted Jackson’s comments, trying to suggest the top tiers weren’t allowed to be filled, so Jackson responded with the image of a Biden rally held at the same arena in 2022.


Another X user couldn’t help but comment on the video 0f the rally: “It’s half empty. Zero attendees in the upper bowl. Odd for a guy that brags about pulling 100k ppl in NJ and 30k in the Bronx.

But that would be Trump. The man loves to exaggerate to make himself look better. He’ll stop at nothing to do that. It’s how he rolls. And it’s probably one of many reasons he can’t handle defeat well. We’ve certainly seen that particular weakness in him now haven’t we?

When it comes to that rally in the Bronx, his spokesperson told Newsweek that 25,000 people attended the event, although many people have questioned the veracity of that figure.

It’s anyone’s guess why this man is so fixated on crowd sizes, but this dates all the way back to the beginning of his political career when he boasted that more than 1 million people attended his 2017 inauguration. That figure is widely doubted. But as we can see, this is where Trump’s possible delusions or outright lies began.

And he’s been spewing lies at quite a clip ever since then. Will he ever stop? No. I almost think he doesn’t know how to.

If he ever told the truth it would come as quite a shock.

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