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Trump Humiliates Himself in Front of Audience When He Doesn’t Know When Venezuela Is Located

Someone give Donald Trump an “F” in geography. Puh-lease. The former president is a walking b.s. machine of misinformation. That became evident AGAIN while he spoke at his West Palm Beach Fla., rally, where he made a major flub about geography and is now being bashed by trolls for his ignorance.

Trump was expounding once again on immigration and made the amazing observation that “They’re coming from countries not just South America, but Venezuela,” OK! reports.

Um…what? Where then is Venezuela, if not in South America? I mean, isn’t Venezuela wedged between Colombia and Guyana? Or has there been some shift in Earth’s tectonic plates and the country is galloping towards Florida in the same way that India galloped towards Asia to form the Indian subcontinent, traveling some 1200 miles beginning 150 million years ago?

I’m sure Trump doesn’t know anything about that either, but hey, it’s what tectonic plates do. And Venezuela is still part of South America whether Trump knows it or not.

Naturally, X users couldn’t resist lampooning Trump for his ignorant remark in the clip which has quickly gone viral.

Really, Trump’s comments are unintentionally hilarious, but then that’s him most of the time.

“Trump wouldn’t pass testing at a First Grade level,” one user stated, while another dissed, “OMG he’s brilliant! NOT!”

“Can Trump point out the U.S.A. in a world map?”

You really have to wonder about that. Probably the only place on a map that he can find is Russia.

“Trump is slipping mentally. Very easy to see here,” another person said. He’s been showing obvious signs of dementia, but in this clip, he’s also showing signs of foot-in-mouth.

While folks on X were not impressed with his comments, the well-heeled folks at the Business Roundtable whose CEOs he met Thursday during their quarterly meeting weren’t all that thrilled with him either.

“Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” one CEO told CNBC, who commented that Trump doesn’t have a plan should he regain the White House.

Kind of foolish for these people to think Trump would have an actual plan. Planning for the future is not this man’s strong suit as several lawsuits and felony indictments would tend to show. The other CEOs “said that [Trump] was remarkably meandering, could not keep a straight thought [and] was all over the map,” according to CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin, on the network’s program Squawk Box on Friday.

Millions of Americans could have already told those CEOs just that. But they never listen to the little people anyway.

Sorkin also noted that some businessmen “walked into the meeting being Trump supporter-ish or thinking that they might be leaning in that direction.” Apparently Trump may have put some of them off.

“These were people who I think might have been actually predisposed to [Trump but] actually walked out of the room less predisposed,” he continued. “At one point, he discussed his plan to bring the corporate tax rate down from 21 percent to 20 percent … and was asked about why he had chosen 20 percent. And he said, ‘Well, it’s a round number.’”

“That unto itself had a number of CEOs shaking their heads,” he added.

Also apparently Trump’s energy levels weren’t up to much either, although you wouldn’t know that from the manure that the Trump campaign spreads.

“President Trump was warmly received by everyone in the room and was commended for his policy proposals on deregulation and tax cuts,” the communications director for the Trump presidential campaign, Steven Cheung, declared, apparently immune to embarrassment.

And because Trump has made so many mistakes, there’s at least one doctor (actually there’s many more than just one) who suggests Trump is dealing with dementia.

“Unlike normal aging, which is characterized by forgetting names or words, Trump repeatedly shows something very different: confusion about reality,” Dr. Lance Dodes, a supervising analyst emeritus of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and retired Harvard Medical School professor, said in a statement.

He specifically referred to Trump’s confusing Barack Obama with Joe Biden.

“If he were to become president he would have to be immediately removed from office via the 25th Amendment as dangerously unable to fulfill the responsibilities of office,” Dodes remarked.

Why don’t we all save time by not voting for him in the first place? Seems like the common sense thing to do to me. Why have all that nasty Trump residue in the White House so that the next president has to fumigate it like Joe Biden and his family had to do when he became president?

And don’t forget that Trump often can’t even SAY Venezuela:

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