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Trump Is Humiliated When Hundreds of Bored Rallygoers Quickly Bail and Leave the Event Mid-Speech

Donald Trump just held a rally in Las Vegas, and it went much like you might expect. Hundreds of people pouring out far before he was done speaking.

That’s nothing new. Trump must be used to it by now, in fact. But radio host Brian Shapiro had his own comments, regarding the the exodus of would-be followers from his rally:

“Donald Trump is speaking right now, and all these people are leaving! Thousands of people leaving the Trump cult rally right in the middle of Cheeto Jesus making his speech. Bizarre don’t you think? Why are they leaving? Maybe it’s because Orange Man is delivering his exact same speech again in 105 degree temperatures with no shade or water.”

Trump has had more people leave during his unending speeches than any famous person has ever had.

Although Trump reportedly had paid actors at his rally, at least one told radio host Shapiro that they were leaving because “We have to work.” Perhaps they were getting back to their day jobs. Although you would think they would plan better if they did indeed need to get to their jobs.

Literally, in the video you’ll see below, people are actually flooding out the gates of the venue.

Now, it could be because they seriously have some other engagement to be at, or it could be because they’ve heard him say the same things over and over again. After all, Trump has a routine, and he mostly sticks to it.

People walk out on Trump because he can’t keep himself on track. It’s that simple.

What we’re all hoping is that enough people will ditch him in the election as much as they ditch him during his rallies. Watch this video:

Trump’s act gets old. He sounds the same as he ever has. It’s no wonder that people would walk out on one of his speeches, given that he just recycles the same material over and over.

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