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Trump Just Openly Admitted That He Hates Being Photographed With His Youngest Son Barron

Donald and Melania Trump’s only son, Barron, is definitely a tall piece of real estate, and apparently dear old Dad feels a bit insecure when being pictured next to him.

In a recent interview with social media’s Logan Paul for his YouTube page IMPAULSIVE, Trump spoke about his young son, who towers over his father. Trump is 6’2″ is purportedly jealous of Barron’s lanky 6’9″ towering height. In the interview with Paul, he definitely said he does not like to be pictured with 18-year-old Barron.

“He’s a big boy. Six foot 9. I couldn’t get him to play basketball. He plays soccer, he’s a good athlete.” (and by the way, Barron is 6’7″. Trump loves to keep upping his height, and no doubt he will soon be saying Barron is 7′ tall, just watch.)

“I say, Barron, I don’t want to take a picture next to you,” he said, referring to the young man’s height.

The rumor that Trump dislikes being pictured next to his son because it obviously makes him appear shorter, has been making its way across media circles for nearly five years, according to The Hindustan Times. Apparently it all started when Barron was 12. Author Michael Wolff talked about the situation while promoting his 2019 book Siege: Trump Under Fire and he discussed it in an interview with Lawrence O’Donnell.

Trump, Wolff said, is envious of every person’s height and doesn’t allow himself to be pictured with someone who’s taller than he is.

“Maybe we ought to make him a fighter,” the ex-President, but this was bad news to Paul, a professional wrestler, and he cut Trump off, saying “No, no.” 

Barron, who graduated from high school in June, is likely weighing his options regarding college but it hasn’t been disclosed which college he will be attending.

Whatever Melania’s faults may be, she’s been a protective mom, and it’s likely that this is one of the reasons why the two were absent in court for Trump’s New York criminal trial. The young man was pictured leaving Trump Tower with his mom after his father was found guilty. And mother and son have been famously silent during the former president’s hush-money trial.

Barron Trump has the potential to do good but it’s hard to say what he will decide to do. It’s been rumored that Barron Trump and Martin Shkreli, the greedy bastard who raised the price of a life-saving drug from $17.50 to $750 per pill are working together and the younger Trump has already amassed $200 million from the deal. So this is not a good sign.

He still has plenty of time to do good things, but I’m not hopeful anymore.

YouTube video

I’ve set the below interview to the portion where author Michael Wolff speaks about Barron, but the entire interview is worth watching. It’s old, but Trump could very well be president again and we need to remember what a monster this man is.

YouTube video

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