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Trump Reveals What He Sees as the Very Simple Cure to Alcoholism and Addiction — and it Proves He Knows NOTHING About Addiction

So Donald Trump and Fox News’s Sean Hannity were chatting things up and Trump told his buddy there’s an easy way to beat drug addiction, alcoholism, and even cigarettes — a fallibly easy way, it turns out. The two were discussing Hunter Biden, who went on trial this week on charges that had been part of a plea deal that, according to Mediaite, foundered after the former president and his Republican colleagues raised the roof over it.

On Wednesday night’s edition of Fox News Channel’s Hannity, Trump and Hannity expressed sympathy for Hunter’s struggles with addiction.

Then Trump suggested a simple trick to defeating addictions one and all, and it’s a solution that’s so simple that it shows just how little Trump knows about this sort of thing.

And…and…I don’t even know why my alcoholic father didn’t think of this before he began dealing with delirium tremens and did things like urinate in my mom’s underwear drawer. Let me tell you, Mom was not happy about that. At all.

Hannity apparently wanted to discuss the legal ramifications of this, but Trump, as he is wont to do, strayed off course to talk about this easy trick:

HANNITY: There are other legal — there are real legal issues.

TRUMP: Excuse me.

The really big stuff and their trial — look, I feel very badly for them in terms of the addiction part of what they have right now.


TRUMP: Because I understand the addiction world. And I have also — not only a brother. I have lost a lot of friends to addiction, drugs, alcohol. And there are other addictions also, frankly. It would be nice if people would do certain things and live certain ways.

But you’re not able to — they’re just not able to break it. I have had — I have had friends that are so strong. My brother was a strong person. I have had friends that were so strong, so powerful, they couldn’t stay away from a glass of alcohol. They couldn’t stay away from a drug. They had to have a drug.

But you know the way that you solve the problem? Don’t have them. If you don’t have a taste for alcohol — I remember, when I was going to school, college, I had a friend, he hated the taste of Scotch, hated it. It was like…


TRUMP: But he wanted to develop it because, socially, he thought it was a good thing. He would sit down with the bankers and all the — at the Wharton School of Finance, they want to have dinners with bankers, right? That’s a big thing.

And they want to — he developed the taste for Scotch. And by the time he finished, he ended up being a very bad alcoholic.


TRUMP: He’s — I mean, 20, 25 years later, he ended up being an alcoholic. And he couldn’t stay away.

Just be perfect like Trump and live a billionaire’s life where you have no problems and no stress (even though Trump is great at creating some of his own) and you won’t feel that need to belt down the Jack Daniels. Just like what the ex-president and convicted felon says right here, see?

I say the way you stay away, just don’t drink. Just don’t have it. If you don’t have drugs, if you don’t experience early on, you’re not going to have a need for it. You’re not going to have an addiction. If you don’t drink alcohol, you’re not going to have an addiction. You’re not going to have this insatiable urge to have a drink.

Gee, my dad could have benefitted from that. Maybe he wouldn’t have drank that gallon of vodka and nearly burnt the house down. My friend Cailean might not have turned suicidal and walked in front of that train. Why didn’t they think of that? But Trump, for whom empathy is no strong suit, had more to say on the topic.

And I say that to people with your children. They ask me, what do you think and, children, what do you tell them? I say, no drugs, no alcohol. I also say, no cigarettes. Don’t have the cigarettes. Don’t have cigarettes. Don’t have them. I have friends that can’t stop smoking. If they never had a cigarette before, they’d have no problem.

Well hey, now there’s a thought. My parents smoked like chimneys. If they’d stopped my sister and I wouldn’t have COPD. Maybe I would never have had asthma. Trump is just as clear as mud on these things, isn’t he?

When I look at a friend that can’t stop smoking, I don’t understand why it’s hard to stop. There’s smoke all over the place. The fact is, if you never had a cigarette — I never had a cigarette. I have no urge to smoke. But if you are, you get addicted. It has something, and you just can’t stop.

So I’m going to say it right now: all you tweakers, heroin addicts, cokeheads, huffers, and Night Train fans, just knock it off right now. Think of all the money you’ll save. And while we’re at it, all you serial killers, why don’t you also just stop, right now? I mean, Donald Trump says it’s easy, so it must be right?

Just think of it. This is the idiot who wants to run the country again.



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