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Trump Team Strategically Edits Dr. Phil Interview to the Point That It’s Painfully Obvious

When DOESN'T he do this, though?

It’s no secret that television personality “Dr. Phil” and his mentor Oprah are at ideological ends of the spectrum.

On the one hand, you have a strong, powerful black woman with tons of charisma — some would say presidential — who holds a deep empathy for those on her show. On the other, we have a balding, southern man with the moustache of a serial killer, who doles out nothing but “tough love.”

Both have their appeals, I suppose, but only one was in The Color Purple, and it wasn’t Dr. Phil. He would have been the bad guy in that.

So when Donald Trump sat down with Dr. Phil for an interview Thursday, it was no surprise they’d be friendly with one another.

The interview appears to be Frankensteined-together from an amalgam of answers, some unrelated to the others. In one, a commenter said “Dr. Phil’s interview of Trump appears to abruptly cut out Trump’s gaffes and confusion,” while yet another says, “This keeps happening with every Trump propaganda interview. These edits are bizarre.”

That last one is from Meidas Touch dot com, the namesake website of Brad Meiselas.

Trump’s hour-long interview with the southern charm personality was framed at his Florida mansion, Mar-a-Lago. What better a setting than one of the most expensive residential properties in the world to convey the down-to-earth, feet-in-the-grass, potato-pickin’ lifestyle that Donald Trump enjoys, than to interview him in front of some gold tapestries?

If not for Phil McGraw’s senseless fawning over Trump, we might get a true glimpse into the reality show lifestyle he’s been living.

He not only told Trump that he believed he’d been “muzzled” during his cases with gag orders (nobody tell him he’s the guy that shushes people all the time), but that he hoped Joe Biden would step in and prevent these cases from going on.

Which is it, fellas? Is Joe BEHIND the cases against Donald Trump, or is he the only one with the power to stop them and just won’t? You can’t have it both ways.

Or heck, maybe you can. You just have America’s nice guy interview America’s bad guy and pretend they’re friends.

Here is the Fox & Friends interview where there are several times where the edits are obvious:

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