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Trump Will Have a Full Blown Mental Breakdown When He Sees the Biden Campaign’s Newest Video

This must have felt like a blitzkrieg to convicted felon/former President Donald Trump: Right before he was scheduled to meet congressional Republicans on Capitol Hill, in the very same place where the devastating January 6, 2021 siege occurred, President Joe Biden dropped a devastating ad that depicted the brutality of that terrible day.

Few of us have forgotten how awful this day was. Innocent lives were stolen as a rampaging, surly mob of Trump supporters, encouraged by him to “fight like hell” surged through the Capitol leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

So as he was meeting with this ingratiating group of Republicans hoping to brown-nose themselves into becoming the next nominee for Vice President, let’s hope this gives them pause. Of course, some of them likely continue to support the failed insurrection, but anyone else watching this will be reminded of what we nearly lost on that day.

Mediaite reports that Biden dropped the fiery ad Thursday morning, accompanied by the message “There’s nothing more sacred than our democracy. We can’t let Donald Trump burn it to the ground. Watch our new ad.”

Actor John Goodman narrates the ad and it features dramatic footage and news reporting of the deadly riot and quotes of Trump supporting the rioters.

JOHN GOODMAN: On January 6, Donald Trump lit a fire in this country.

REPORTER: One hundred and forty officers were injured. The siege lasted for seven hours.

JOHN GOODMAN: Stoking the flames of division and hate. Now he’s pouring gasoline!

TRUMP: “They were unbelievable patriots.”

JOHN GOODMAN: Pledging to pardon the extremists who tried to overthrow our government.

TRUMP: “We will give them pardons.”

JOHN GOODMAN: Inciting them to try again. There is nothing more sacred than our democracy. But Donald Trump is ready to burn it all down!

PRESIDENT BIDEN: I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message.

"'Burn' reminds Americans that at the behest of Trump, over 140 officers were injured and five people died. Now, an even more unhinged Trump promises to pardon those same violent insurrectionists and criminals who attacked the brave law enforcement protecting the Capitol on January 6, and has mused that the election this November could be our last. And he continues to encourage more political violence; convicted felon Donald Trump promises a “bloodbath” if he isn’t reelected."

For myself, I'm very certain there will be more bloodshed because of this awful man and his supporters. I think it's all but guaranteed. Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi, who is also Biden-Harris Chair of the National Advisory Board notes, in her statement:

“Today, the instigator of an insurrection is returning to the scene of the crime. January 6th was a crime against the Capitol, that saw Nazi and Confederate flags flying under the dome that Lincoln built. It was a crime against the Constitution and its peaceful transfer of power, in a desperate attempt to cling to power. And it was a crime against Members, heroic police officers and staff, that resulted in death, injury and trauma that endure to this day. With his pledges to be a dictator on day one and seek revenge against his political opponents, Donald Trump comes to Capitol Hill today with the same mission of dismantling our democracy. But make no mistake — Trump has already cemented his legacy of shame in our hallowed halls.”

I am hoping, perhaps against hope, that the images of January 6 are already seared into the minds of most Americans. The idea of him becoming president is almost too much to think about, and these are times that can either begin with optimism or end with catastrophe.

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