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Watch as Hundreds of Supporters Leave Trump’s Rally Mid-Speech Because They Are So Bored

Who knew Donald Trump supporters were capable of thinking for themselves? He apparently bored them silly and they weren’t willing to put up with the broiling Las Vegas sun again. So his MAGA mob piled through the exit gates. Believe me, ain’t nobody like Las Vegas heat when it soars past 100 degrees.

It left Las Vegas radio host Brian Shapiro dumbfounded.

“Donald Trump is speaking right now, and all these people are leaving!” he said while recording bored-looking rally-goers flooding the gates as Trump is droning on in the background.

“Thousands of people leaving the Trump cult rally right in the middle of Cheeto Jesus making his speech. Bizarre don’t you think?” Shapiro later posted along with his footage. “Why are they leaving? Maybe it’s because Orange Man is delivering his exact same speech again in 105-degree temperatures with no shade or water?” 

Well, most of us aren’t fond of sweat pouring into our eyes. It tends to sting. And none of us are fond of dealing with heat stroke while some yellow-haired old fart uses the world’s tiredest talking points. We’ve heard the fake election, big lie, witch hunt way too many times already. Trump likes to play the victim but people under the baking sun are NOT in the mood for hearing this. Again.

Shapiro questioned one attendee who was rushing for the gate, who responded everyone was leaving because “We have to work.” And as BoingBoing notes, Trump has allegedly paid actors to fill empty seats at his rallies, so perhaps these folks were clocking out for the day.

You’d think Trump’s campaign would get the hint and rent an air-conditioned hall. Many of those attending his rallies in this scorching weather have been overcome by heat exhaustion so you’d think these fools would get the message. These folks may or may not be Trump supporters but they don’t want to be dead Trump supporters, I’m quite sure of that.

Here’s Shapiro’s clip of the madding crowd fleeing the rally.

People on social media had a field day:

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