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Alina Habba Brags That She’s the First Trump Lawyer to Become SUPER World Famous

Trump lawyer Alina Habba claims that the fact that she’s become so famous definitively proves that Trump’s prosecutions haveĀ really been political persecution.

No longer simply a lawyer for Trump, Habba now serves as a campaign advisor for Trump’s 2024 bid. That seems odd, to want someone on your team who couldn’t even remember to at least ASK for a jury trial in New York. But Judge Engoron in Trump’s fraud case said that the answer would have been no anyway, so I suppose that doesn’t matter.

Habba appeared on Fox recently with host Martha MacCallum, who asked her to give her opinion on Biden’s “refusal” to leave the race (as though he’s simply expected to).

Habba responded, “President Biden is doubling down. He is clearly on the take for all of these items, electric cars, China, whatever it is, and whoever it is that he may be in bed with and have deals with.”

The host then showed Habba a poll that showed nearly half of Americans believe Trump should serve prison time for his 34 felony convictions.

“This is the regime’s attack for election interference,” Habba said. “They have wasted taxpayer dollars for three years.”

But Habba didn’t stop there.

“Martha, I have been in and out of courts, as everybody knows. And the fact that President Trump’s lawyer has become well-known says it all. This is not something that has ever happened.”

I wonder if she just means “famous for posting bikini pics of herself at Mar-a-Lago” or something.

Because I remember this guy they used to call “America’s Mayor” being Trump’s lawyer, and he got pretty famous even before he traveled to Ukraine to try to shake them down for dirt on Joe Biden during the 2020 campaign.

I can almost recall a lawyer they used to call Trump’s “fixer,” who hand-delivered the hush money checks to the adult film actress Trump paid off to keep quiet about their affair. You know, that one trial he just got convicted of 34 felony counts on?

Heck, there was even some Dershowitz fellow during Trump’s impeachment trial who famously argued that if Trump did something in the interest of getting elected, because heĀ really thought his election would be for the good of America, he couldn’t be impeached for it.

“If a president does something which he believes will help him get elected, in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment.”

He got pretty famous after that. I’m pretty sure what Alina Habba is famous for is being one of the only attorneys Trump ever hired entirely based on her looks. It certainly can’t be her legal skills, because she’s incompetent at best.