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Melania Trump Secures Deal With Husband Donald to Not Resume 24/7 First Lady Duties If He Wins 2024 Election

Well, we all knew this was coming. Melania Trump is getting out of her duties if Donald Trump wins in 2024. Heck, he barely did them from 2017-2020, so anyone who expected her to actually work another weeks had to be kidding themselves.

According to an insider from Page Six, the former First Lady, 54 — who was rarely seen during her husband’s first term as President of the United States — has made a pact with her 78-year-old convicted felon husband declaring she won’t resume to a full-time role if he is to have a second term, citing their son Barron as the primary reason.

The insider says of Melania: “She’s a hands-on mother, and is already planning to spend part of every month — and potentially every week — in NYC,” should Barron, 18, attend NYU. It is common for celebrities or children of wealthy people to attend NYU as the school has a program that basically allows the student to make their own schedules, etc. It’s still a difficult school, but it allows for a lot of online learning, etc. The insider added that Barron would need additional adjustment to college life if his dad is the president.

“Barron has never been completely on his own before — and with the added stress of him being both a freshman in college and potentially the son of a president in a predominantly Democratic city, Melania wants to be close. The added attention he’ll get if his father is president worries Melania who is also concerned about reaction at his school over Barron’s ever-present Secret Service detail.”

“Melania has made a deal with her husband that if he wins the presidency, she will not have to fulfill first lady duties 24/7,” the source shared of gold-digger, who has notably been absent from most of Donald’s campaign stops this year.

The report came amid rumors Barron — who recently graduated high school — would be attending New York University in the fall.

As to whether Barron will be heading to NYU, they added, “She [Melania] feels safe in NYC and in Trump Tower herself, and it’s Barron’s home, and that’s why she wants him to go to school in NYC.”

“Donald trusts Melania to bring up their son the same way he trusted Ivana to bring up their children… Donald feels it worked for Ivanka, Eric and Don Jr.,” the source continued.

Melania Trump was seen in public for the first time since skipping the debate

The news of this deal came after there has been tons of speculation about the state of Melania and Donald’s marriage. A recent report even claimed that Melania will likely not live with her spouse if he wins the 2024 election.

“She’s distancing herself even more from her husband and from the Washington social political scene,” First Women author Kate Anderson Brower told Axios. “I mean, she clearly hated being in Washington.”

The Slovenian native will apparently be living between Palm Beach and New York and would only be at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue “for ceremonial undertakings like state dinners or special events.”

“So the prospect of her rolling in for a second full-time stint in the East Wing? Doubtful, according to the handful of Melania-ologists,” the outlet added.


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