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Republican LGBTQ Group Says Melania Is the Best Because She’s a ‘Self-Made Woman’ (LIE) Who ‘Speaks Many Languages’ (LIE)

Melania Trump recently did a fundraiser for the Log Cabin Republicans at Trump Tower, raising over a million dollars for the nearly 50-year-old LGBT group of conservatives who always support the Republican candidate for president.

Apparently, what the group came away with from that experience is that the former First Lady will be crucial to winning over their community if he wants to get the Pride vote.

No matter what the method, Trump isn’t likely to get a large swath of that community one way or the other. In his first year in office alone, he tried to reinstate a ban on transgender military service, appointed an army of lawyers to take the anti-LGBT stance in court cases involving discrimination, and even refused to recognize Pride Month.

Pride has been an officially recognized federal observance for nearly 25 years.

That’s kind of like when John McCain voted for Arizona not to observe Martin Luther King Day, which is actually a federal holiday.

Nevertheless, the LCR believe that he could win some of that constituency, IF he uses his wife to his advantage. Melania has now headlined four different events for the group, and they feel she’s the perfect representative from outside their community to carry their message to voters who may not traditionally vote conservative, mainly because Republicans largely hate their community and spend a lot of time trying to pass laws to restrict their rights.

LCR President Charles Moran summed up the group’s sentiment:

“Mrs. Trump has a long history of supporting efforts around unity and inclusion … We are working.to build a more inclusive Republican Party. Also to let LBGT people know that they have a home in the conservative movement. Mrs. Trump is about unity. She came to this country from another one, she speaks multiple languages. She came here and is a self-made woman, had a very successful career before she married Donald Trump. She understands the importance of being judged on your character and your ability to do good work.”

Okay, once and for all, Melania DOES NOT speak multiple languages. She just doesn’t. She barely speaks English and yes we have proof [1].

As for being a “self-made woman”, again, FALSE. And we have proved this as well [2].

Now, I appreciate that Moran has kind words to say about her. Of course he does, she raises their group millions of dollars.

Melania even had Kellyanne Conway as a guest. Now Conway isn’t gay, but they have to fill the room somehow.

But “self-made woman”? “Successful career”? She came here with hopes of becoming a supermodel, and made it almost nowhere until she showed her naked body. At least Stormy Daniels has her own production company to show for her hard work.

When asked why the group was endorsing Trump this year, when they didn’t in 2016, Moran explained further:

“With his appointments and his policy initiatives in his first term, things like ending the spread of HIV/AIDS in 10 years, calling for an international decriminalization of homosexuality at the UN … He has a portfolio and a track record as a businessman and a philanthropist, but now as a politician of actually fighting for equality and inclusion, and that’s something that resonates strongly not only with LGBT and center-right voters, but also with suburban women.”

Now, none of that is true. And Melania’s appearances at their events are to keep her name in people’s mouths and raise money for the LCR, not Trump. If it were really about Trump wanting to drum up gay support, he’d talk about all the wonderful things he’s done for that community at his rallies.

He doesn’t do that. The LGBT community would be run out of his rallies by his actual voters in a second.