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Trump Supporter Openly Praises Russian President at Florida Rally, ‘Thank God for Putin!’

I’ve heard people thanking God for thousands of things, but thanking Him for Putin is a new one to me. But that’s what happened when a particularly rabid Trump supporter at a rally for the former president heaped praise on Russian President Vladimir Putin for “being patient.”

If that isn’t a clear divorce from reality then I don’t know what is.

Um, how is Putin being “patient?” By bombarding innocent Ukrainians? While many of these people are neo-Nazis, many more of them are not. Is he “being patient” by arresting people in the LGBTQ+ community as part of Russia’s recently revived harsh crackdown on people in this community? By saber-rattling at NATO, even hinting about nuclear weapons, a boldly repulsive mood by a man who is arguably one of the most despised and feared men in the world.

Someone is going to have tell me how that is “being patient” because it sho’ ’nuff isn’t apparent to me.

So this supporter who believes Putin is patient is apparently adverse to the facts, according to Raw Story. A reporter poking around at Trump’s speech Tuesday spoke to Blaine, a Second Amendmenter who is perhaps worried that Biden is coming to git yer gunz. Or something. Blaine’s remarks were featured on X.

“What are your main concerns this election?” the RSBN correspondent asked.

The big thing for me, which people aren’t paying attention to, is we’re so close to World War III, and nobody’s talking about it,” he continued. “And thank God for Putin. He’s being patient right now (yeah, right) seeing what’s going on.”

“But if Biden wins, for me, it’s off the table.”

If Putin is being cooperative right now, it’s because he knows that if Trump wins, he can manipulate him, perhaps ginning up support for his evil exploits.  After spending so many years writing about Putin and Trump, neither one of them fools me.

Trump supporters are another matter, however. Don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of these cray-cray people. But here’s Blaine in action below.

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