Concerns About Trump’s Health Arise Because He Hasn’t Golfed In Over A Month

Over the weekend, the president traveled to France to observe Armistice Day alongside other world leaders. While there, President Trump was scheduled to attend an event at a French cemetery commemorating fallen soldiers. Trump cancelled his appearance at the cemetery, with the administration pointing to rain as the reason for his absence. The president also chose not to join other world leaders for a short walk to the Arc de Triumph.

Trump’s cemetery cancelation caused some observers to speculate about the president’s health. Trump has made fewer public appearances in recent weeks. His lower public profile combined with his French cancellation has caused speculation that the president may have some sort of health issue.

Another potential cause for concern for the president’s health has recently emerged — Trump’s lack of golfing. The avid golfer has not taken to the golf course in over a month. Since taking the oath of office, the president has been sure to make ample time for frequent rounds of golf. In fact, for the first 20 months of his presidency, the president averaged 2 rounds of golf per week. Trump golfed 16 times in August, 6 times in September, and only 2 times in October. To date, it has been more than one month since he took to the golf course.

The president’s health has been a source of speculation as he has not been forthcoming with information related to his physical health. During the 2016 campaign, after Trump was questioned about his health, he made public a very strange letter from his doctor.

The letter took the president’s typically hyperbolic tone. The letter’s outlandish claims about the state of the president’s health led many to suspect that the president himself may have written the letter. The doctor who the president claimed wrote the glowing assessment of his health admitted earlier this year that the letter was dictated by Trump himself.

Speculation resulting from that admission led to the president having a physical examination administered by White House doctor Ronnie Jackson. Jackson made similarly hyperbolic and outlandish claims about the president’s health that sounded an awful lot like the president himself. Jackson claimed that Trump is in excellent health and not at all obese. This led many people to publicly accuse the report of being false.

After the controversial physical, the president nominated Jackson to head the VA, a post for which he had little experience. That nomination was stifled, and Jackson did not end up serving in the post after accusation of inappropriate conduct, including drinking on the job, surfaced.


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