Political Flare is a political news and opinion site where we offer key and unique insight into breaking news, helping our readers see both how current news fits in a larger context and how subtle elements in a story have greater meaning than generally appreciated.

We proudly hold ourselves out as editorialized primarily with a left-leaning outlook as our readers expect. But to the extent any of our work represents “advocacy” it is only the result of honest evaluation as to topics covered and the most sensible responses from someone with left-leaning beliefs. Our “advocacy” is limited to what we consider the proper presentation of all relevant facts.

Relevant facts include reporting on when elements of the left are acting against their own best interests, are using a double standard, or are just plain factually wrong. We will not tolerate Democratic leaders that we see falling behind the professional standards that we believe is still a hallmark of the left and Democratic party and call out examples regularly.

There is a temptation to believe that all mid-level news sites that take an editorial stance consistent with one side are equal and that they equate to “fake news.” This is both not true generally and it is especially not true at Political Flare. The damage wrought by true “fake news” sites in 2015 and 2016 has left the industry with an understandable cynicism regarding the value of services offered by mid-level news sites such as Political Flare.

We see our size and independence as an asset in that we form a trusted relationship with our readers who are extremely loyal to our site and our work. We take pride in what we do and see ourselves as offering a product worthy of that in any sized site, with the same standards and care, yet nimble and unique enough to have a “voice” that is our own. It is that “voice” that is our greatest asset and the protection of which our most important endeavor.

Additionally, we are a NewsGuard trusted site and rated GREEN which means we are a trustworthy site. You can learn more about NewsGuard HERE.

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