Political Flare holds itself to a strict ethical standard that meets or exceeds the standards expected of all mainstream media platforms in our current environment.

All new employees must read and acknowledge their commitment to adherence to our standards. If an employee does something ethically questionable, the publisher will handle the issue. Depending upon the degree of violation, Political Flare may issue a warning with a penalty, or immediate termination, to be determined solely by the publisher.

All employees are expected to adhere to ethical conduct in all matters that may impact Political Flare or the employee’s reputation.

Editorial employees responsible for published content are not allowed to donate to political campaigns or political action committees. Outside of working hours and without the use of any Political Flare resources or equipment (Phones, computers), an editorial employee may attend political events, provided they are not financial contributors, speakers, official representatives, or hold themselves out as appearing to be an official representative of Political Flare.

Editorial employees may engage in any activity that does create a conflict of interest for the employee or Political Flare when the activity is outside of work hours or work product. Additionally, the activity may not involve outside editorial employment or freelance work with Political Flare.

Note this policy may be changed at any time without notice at the discretion of Political Flare.