Look, we hate to admit it, but yes, we make mistakes.

In the fast-moving 24/7 news cycle, sometimes we get things wrong, despite doing our best to research and use top, well-respected sources when writing our news articles.

When we make a mistake, we immediately issue a correction.

In the title of the article, we write [UPDATED] so readers know something in the article has changed, and we write the correction at the top of the article. We do not write the correction at the bottom, which requires the reader to scroll through the article first, as we feel that is dishonest and unethical.

For example, here is an article in which we totally messed up. As you can see, we fell for a story that turned out to be satire. Ouch. That hurt. But we immediately issued the correction, and clearly explained our mistake at the beginning of the article…not the end.

For small mistakes, like spelling and grammar errors, we will typically correct those without notation.

If you ever read an article and see a mistake, please contact our Publisher and Editor, Nicole James, at [email protected].