Kellyanne Conway Snaps At CNN Host Over Trump’s Tax Returns, ‘Is This Really What We’re Talking About?’

Kellyanne Conway was not pleased on Wednesday when she was asked whether she’s concerned about Democrats subpoenaing Donald Trump’s tax returns now that they’re in control of the House of Representatives.

Congressional Democrats have suggested that they will soon launch new investigations on the Trump Administration now that the midterm election results are in and they’ll be able to pursue leads Republicans chose not to.

When CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked Conway about Democrats pursuing Trump’s elusive tax returns again, she complained “is this really what we’re talking about today?”

Conway continued by mocking Democrats for underperforming in the midterms, and she also brought up the end results of their requested investigations into Brett Kavanaugh. Camerota tried to keep things focused on how the White House will respond to new oversight, though Conway largely ignored the questions while grumbling “we’re going back to 2016 now.”

The two women talked over one another for much of the conversation, making it difficult to understand either of their points, before Camerota eventually brought them back to the original question: “Let’s just focus on the tax returns. They just want to see the tax returns.”

Conway replied: “You know what Alisyn, respectfully, I’m not going to only focus on the tax returns because according to CNN’s own polling, that’s not what animated voters last night.”

Camerota countered that an actual CNN poll on Trump’s tax returns found that 68 percent of Americans believe he should have released them, noting that he promised to do so during his campaign.



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