People Are Offering To Donate Their Ribs (And Anything Else) To Help Ruth Bader Ginsburg, And It’s AMAZING

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, has achieved celebrity status. She is affectionately referred to as The Notorious RBG. On Wednesday night, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell in her office. She fractured 3 ribs and is currently in the hospital recovering. On Thursday morning, the nation was told about Ginsburg’s fall.

People reacted with overwhelming concern and horror at the thought that the Notorious RBG might not be well. Ginsburg has made clear she does not intend to leave the nation’s High Court anytime soon. She told CNN that she sees herself on the Court for at least five more years. Last year, when she was asked if she was thinking about retirement, Justice Ginsburg said, “As long as I can do the job full steam, I will do it.”

This is not the first time Ginsburg has faced medical challenges. In fact, she has been treated for both colon and pancreatic cancer. Even after undergoing surgery for cancer on both occasions, Ginsburg did not miss a single day of work at the Supreme Court. Similarly, in 2012, Ginsburg fractured 2 ribs. Again, she did not miss a single day of work after the injuries.

Ginsburg was hospitalized on Thursday morning, the same day as the formal investiture of the newest Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The ceremony was attended by President Trump among others.

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