Record Number of American Citizens Are Seeking Asylum in Canada Under Trump

According to a report from The Guardian, published on Wednesday, a record number of United States citizens are fleeing America and seeking refuge in Canada under the leadership of President Trump.

In 2017, 2,550 United States citizens applied for asylum in Canada. That number is six times higher than the previous year’s total. Citizenship and Immigration Canada began keeping track of this type of data in 1994. 2017 saw the largest number of American asylum seekers in Canada since the data has been tracked.

An immigration lawyer in Montreal said that the majority of Americans who are seeking refuge in Canada are United States born citizens who are traveling with their parents who are not American citizens. Last year, citizens from the United States made up the third largest group of immigrants in Canada following immigrants from Haiti and Nigeria.

According to Canadian officials, many of those coming from the United States to Canada point to the president’s policies as the reason for their decision to seek asylum in Canada. Primarily, it is the president’s rhetoric and policies regarding Immigration that is driving US citizens north to Canada.

A Haitian man who left the US to seek asylum in Canada said, “We left because President Trump said he wanted to deport people.” The man crossed from the United States into Canada and is seeking asylum there with his wife and daughter. Both the man and his wife are Haitian, their daughter is a United States-born US citizen.

Earlier in 2017, the president attempted to end the Temporary Protected Status of over 300,000 Haitian, Salvadoran, Honduran, and Sudanese immigrants. That attempt was blocked by a federal judge. Just last month the president said he planned to end birthright citizenship with an executive order. Of course, birthright citizenship is guaranteed by the Constitution.


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