Trump and French President Macron Had Another Awkward Handshake And Trump Got Owned

Donald Trump had another awkward handshake with Emmanuel Macron on Saturday, and this one looks like it hurt.

On Saturday, a viral photo circulated showing the French president holding Trump’s hand in a death grip as the two met in France ahead of an Armistice Day celebration commemorating the end of WWI. Trump had spent the week taking shots at Macron, including lashing out at his host on Twitter just after Air Force One touched down for his visit.

It seems that Macron didn’t take too kindly, and when he and Trump met the French president wouldn’t let go of Trump’s hand, squeezing it as Trump’s own hand went limp.

Picture of the aggressive handshake was shared by Reuters reporter Steve Holland and quickly went viral online. Many saw it as an emasculating moment for Trump, who lobbed insults at Macron on Twitter but said nothing when the two actually met face to face.

Of course these two have a history of awkward handshakes.

Who could forget this?

Or this?

And this was awkward:

Today, there was also a very awkward thigh pat on Macron’s side, but hey, the French are very touchy-touchy:

As Newsweek had noted, Donald Trump had been known for a habit of aggressive handshakes, often pulling people in aggressively toward him in what was seen as a power move. Emmanuel Macron seemed to counter that with a vice-like grip of Trump’s hand that forced the American president to break off their handshake.

Twitter, as you can imagine, is loving it:


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