Trump Says World Leaders Are Going To Paris Just To See Him, Not To Mark 100th Anniversary Of WW1 End

President Trump has made clear that his vanity knows no bounds. He previously demanded a military parade to be held in Washington DC. The president wanted his own military parade after attending last year’s Bastille Day parade in France. Plans for the parade fell through because the price tag was a whopping $92 million. Since the president won’t get his parade this weekend, he decided to head to France to celebrate Armistice Day at the Arc de Triomphe.

The White House has called the trip, “a historic opportunity to honor the sacrifices of those who gave their lives for our freedom,” during WWI, which ended 100 years ago Sunday and is commemorated at the Armistice Day event.

A senior administration official explained, “The President’s participation in these events will also serve as the reminder of the important role that the United States has played and continues to play in ensuring peace and security in Europe.”

The president will be joined by other world leaders in the Armistice Day celebration. In Europe, November 11 is commemorated as Armistice Day, in the United States, it is recognized as Veteran’s Day.

On Friday, as the president and first lady, Melania made their way from the White House to depart for France, President Trump discussed his trip with the press. The president said, “It should be a very beautiful period of time, the 100th anniversary of the ending of World War I.” Trump continued, displaying his obscene vanity, “We have many countries — the leadership from many countries will be there, especially since they heard the United States will be there.”

The President of the United States told the world that the only reason other leaders planned to attend a celebration commemorating the end of a World War that cost the lives of countless soldiers and civilians because he was going to be there.



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