Watch Donald Trump Hiss Like A Snake At Reporters In Recently Uncovered Viral Video

A bizarre and disturbing video of Donald Trump that appeared to show him making a strange facial expression and hissing in snakelike fashion toward a group of White House reporters has gone viral, according to the pop culture site BoingBoing, which posted the video on its blog, with the headline “Donald Trump hissing weirdly at reporters.”

As The Atlantic Monthly has noted, Trump drew attention during his first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton in 2016 for his unsettling habit of repeatedly sniffing loudly and frequent intervals. Trump was again struck with a sniffing attack during his nationally televised speech on October 13 of 2017, in which he announced that the United States would withdraw from a nuclear deal with Iran.

But Trump’s odd hissing appears to be a new phenomenon.

“Is this how he shushes people??? I had a gym teach who’s ‘shhhh’ came out as ‘sssssss’ although he didn’t otherwise conflate the sounds. Or is trump just hissing at them?” wondered one Twitter user.

“For real? He is seriously ill with something. I keep watching the clip and its disturbing to know someone this off balance, this weird, this mentally impaired is in our WH,” wrote another Twitter user on Friday. “Normal has left the building. Now we have Trump hissing and a Senate that’s just as crazy.”

Watch the video of Trump “hissing,” that was created and first posted by Twitter user @skolanach, before being picked up by BoingBoing, below.


Here’s the original. Less funny without the hiss, but still weird.


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