Watch Donald Trump Go On a Crazy Rant About … Dogs

Donald Trump is pretty fickle when it comes to dogs.

Sometimes he loves them, sometimes he doesn’t.

During an Oval Office rant on Friday, Trump went into a diatribe about loving dogs, especially drug-sniffing ones.

“They make pretty incredible new equipment for drug detection where you can find out what’s in the wheel of a car … where it is in the engine, where it is in the hubcaps,” Trump said during an Oval Office event focused on border security.

“Also, we’re getting dogs. More dogs, believe it or not. I still say — is that still true? There’s nothing [that] replaces a good dog. Is that right?” he said, turning to law enforcement officials in the room.

“So, we’re spending hundreds of millions of dollars on equipment, but I will say this: It’s not as good as the dogs,” he said. “So you’re going to have the best equipment, but we’re getting a lot of dogs for the various entry points also.”

The president also spoke about seeing German Shepherds in action with the Secret Service, witnessing them snuff out drugs in containers and calling it “the most incredible thing.”

“I’ve seen out at Secret Service, where they showed me the dogs, certain types of German Shepherd — very specific types of dog. But what they do is they’ll run by 15 boxes, all empty except one. And they’ll be very, very strongly sealed boxes. And they’ll coming running full speed and stop like on a dime. They know the drugs are in that box. It’s the most incredible thing,” he said.

The comments came as Trump vetoed a resolution to block his national emergency declaration. He announced the decision last month to allocate roughly $8 billion for additional miles of barriers along the southern border.



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