Trump Just Claimed a ‘Big Tough Guy’ Came to Him Crying That Obama Was Such a Horrible President

Donald Trump is speaking now in Burnsville, Minnesota at an economic roundtable for Tax Day.

He intends to use Tax Day to talk up his tax cuts in a state he hopes to flip in the 2020 election.

However, thus far, Trump has veered off course as usual, and found a way to criticize former President Barack Obama.

Trump said, “A man came up to me and he was crying. Strong man, big tough guy, crying, and he said that ‘President Obama took our life away when he closed the range.’ Used those words. ‘Took our life away, took our blood.'”

Trump also talked a lot about trucks, and how much he loves trucks, because why not.

Trump also discussed the tragic fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Trump described the situation and scene as a “terrible sight to behold.”


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