Trump Just Went on Incoherent Rant About Fences and Gangs and Illegal Immigration During Texas Roundtable

Donald Trump is turning a roundtable with supporters in San Antonio, Texas, into a forum for venting about illegal immigration, human trafficking and safety concerns on the border.

Trump says people in border states are living in tremendous danger and that nobody has any idea how bad the problem is.

He says when it’s hot, migrants are dying — he claims some ranchers are finding scores of dead bodies on their land.

“If we had the wall, the good people will not be able — you’ll see them on the other side of the wall,” said Trump. “Number one, they won’t come, because they’ll say there’s no way of getting through. Right now they think there’s a way to get through. And the people back home never hear about that, they start to walk. They tell them Houston’s half a mile away, but it’s 300 miles. It’s desert.”

“This is a vast state, it’s a vast area. You look at it, the state’s tremendous,” said Trump, who seemed genuinely stunned that Texas occupied a large land area. “I come from New York. You have Fifth Avenue and that connects you to Park Avenue, its not too far away, but this is hundreds of miles between places.”

Another supporter told Trump that gang members are entering the country.

Trump says all the people he’s speaking with want a wall because if there was a border wall, migrants wouldn’t come and people wouldn’t die.

The president also chastised the media for not writing “straight” stories about the situation on the border.



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