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Trump Stands in a Weird Way and an Expert Suggests It’s Because He Wears Shoe Lifts to Be Taller

Let’s be honest, Donald Trump is one weird dude.

And he’s weird in lots of ways. Like his hair, as Trump is mostly identifiable by that big orange plume of cotton candy hair on his head. And he enjoys keeping it neat and intact.

During a rally in 2016, he complained about the declining standards in hairspray.

And during a Vanity Fair photo shoot, it is reported that he once asked to be cut out of a cashmere sweater to avoid messing up his coiff.

How else is Trump weird?

Well, look at how he stands:

Weird! It looks like Trump is leaning forward and about to tip. Like the Leaning Tower of Trump.

And as usual, people on Twitter were quick to ask why Trump is such a weirdo:

This interesting thread says Trump’s posture is because he has lifts in his shoes to make him taller:


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