‘Latinos for Trump’ Crowd Chants ‘Lock Them in the Cages’ After Mike Pence Mentions Democrats

According to Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher, events turned rather ugly during Mike Pence‘s speech at the “Latinos for Trump” kickoff rally in Miami when Pence mentioned Democrats in Congress, and members of the crowd shouted “Traitors!” and “Lock them in the cages they built!”

On Tuesday morning, Pence delivered remarks at the DoubleTree Miami Airport & Convention Center for what was billed as the Donald J. Trump for President Latino Coalition Rollout, and whipped the small but vocal crowd into a frenzy over Democrats.

At one point, Pence spoke about the migrant crisis at the southern border, telling the crowd “The truth is we are on track this year for nearly a million people coming across our border. And it’s amazing to think that Democrats and many in the media spent the last 6 months saying it was a manufactured crisis.”

At least three different shouts of “Traitors!” could be heard, as Pence continued.

“But the only thing that was manufactured was their outrage. But as they denied the crisis, you all deserve to know the Democrats have also been denying funding for humanitarian assistance, for facilities to support the courageous men and women of costumes in board of protection,” Pence claimed.

“Put them in the cages they built!” someone shouted. The Trump administration has been widely criticized for keeping migrant children in cages.

Members of the crowd shouted “Traitors!” again a few minutes later as Pence spoke about changing immigration laws.

Then, Pence repeated the dangerous lie that Democrats support “infanticide,” telling the crowd “It’s amazing to think we live in a time when Democrats running for president or out there advocating late-term abortion and defending infanticide.”

Again, at least three different shouts of “Murderers!” could be heard from the crowd.



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