Trump Spent Almost $1 Million On Facebook Ads To Wish Himself A Happy Birthday

If you didn’t think Donald Trump was a narcissist dying to get any attention, you will after reading this. According to new reports, the president spent nearly $1 million on Facebook ads to make sure his followers wish him a happy birthday.

Trump, whose birthday was on Friday, bought over 10,000 ads on Facebook in the last few months to remind people that his birthday was just around the corner.

Graced with images of a grinning Trump or his family, they’ve urged users to sign a card to commemorate No. 45 getting one year older.

“🛑 HURRY! President Trump’s birthday is TOMORROW! 🛑” read one ad purchased Wednesday, two days before Trump’s birthday. “He’ll read the name of every supporter who signs his card when we present it to him on his birthday. Will he see your name?”

Spending nearly a million dollars to get people to tell you happy birthday is a sad thing to do. But it appears that the ad campaign is a strategy to try and help his 2020 election chances.

According to Vice News:

“The users who click through to sign such “cards” have offered gobs of contact information to help the president’s re-election effort build out voter lists that will be crucial to raising money. Imposing an arbitrary deadline for supporters to act, the birthday ads have been essential to a digitally savvy Trump campaign that strategists say has built out a sizable early lead over Democrats in collecting voter data.”

“If you can figure out how to have more than one birthday in a year, you’d be golden,” said Marne Pike, CEO of Veracity Media, a progressive digital strategy firm that focuses on House and Senate races. “Signing a birthday card is something that doesn’t seem like taking a political stance. It’s another way to bring people into the fold who wouldn’t otherwise be engaged.”


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