Trump Just Suggested He Trusts Kim Jong Un More Than Former Pres. Barack Obama

As Donald Trump prepared to leave for his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey on Friday, he had a lengthly exchange with reporters on the White House South Lawn, and bizarrely claimed that he takes the word of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un over former President Barack Obama.

“He called Kim Jong Un on numerous occasions to meet,” Trump said. “President Obama wanted to meet with Kim Jong Un, and Kim Jong Un said no. Numerous occasions he called.”

However, this is not true.

Multiple former Obama officials, including former national security adviser Susan Rice and former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, have gone on the record to declare Trump’s claim false.

According to CNN, Obama’s administration did conduct occasional diplomatic outreach to North Korea, but its primary intent was to convince Kim Jong Un and his father and predecessor Kim Jong Il to return to the six-country negotiations that had collapsed. No presidential summit is known to have been floated at any point.

Obama pursued a policy, commonly known as “strategic patience,” of declining to directly engage with the Kims’ regime at all, let alone at the presidential level, as long as they refused to stop their belligerent behavior.

But alas, Trump will always believe the dictator over a former American president.



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