Trump Throws Reporters Out of White House Event About Free Speech & Censorship

Donald Trump’s administration had reporters ejected from a press conference with supporters following a long speech in which Trump complained about censorship in the media.

Because when it comes to Trump, hypocrisy knows no bounds.

As Trump was answering a question from former aide Sebastian Gorka, the livestream of the event was cut off and mainstream reporters were escorted out of the room.

Gorka was asking Trump “what message would you have us send to our followers?” at the time of the ejection.

Trump also said his administration was working to defend “free speech,” then accused the media of not being “free speech.” He also accused Twitter of tampering with his follower count and alleged people have told him they can’t see his tweets.

“We have terrible bias. We have censorship like no one has any understanding, nobody can believe,” Trump said.

Twitter had some thoughts:


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