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Watch Ivanka Trump Awkwardly Try to Take Mike Pompeo’s Place at South Korean Event

Well, this is awkward.

According to CNN, Ivanka Trump had to be nudged aside during a photo op with the president of South Korea Moon Jae-in.

It was the eve of Trump’s historic steps into North Korea, and as the US delegation was lining up for a photo op with their South Korean counterparts at the Blue House, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo paced behind the group, looking for his opening.

Trump and President Moon Jae-in had taken their places in the center, followed by Moon’s wife, Kim Jung-sook. The next US official in line was not a member of Trump’s Cabinet or national security team, but his daughter and senior adviser Ivanka.

As the cameras flashed and Pompeo awkwardly shuffled around, it took the first daughter a moment to realize he was trying to slide in. She eventually moved aside to let the secretary of state take his place between her and the South Korean first lady.

The moment encapsulated the unusually prominent role Ivanka Trump has played during Trump’s trip to Asia: a first daughter assuming the spotlight and duty beyond that of a senior aide on the world stage, the latest in her ongoing efforts to style herself as a diplomat.

Back in Washington, national security officials bristled at the large presence Ivanka assumed while overseas. But those close to the President described it as business as usual.

Speed up to 0:56 to see exact moment Ivanka butts in:

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