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Trump Appears to be Wearing High Heeled Shoes and Twitter is Going Crazy

Donald Trump is currently in France attending the G7 with the other leaders of the top world democracies.

Friday night he attended a dinner, and the camera watched him arrive and jump out out his presidential limo.

Of course, he left Melania to fend for herself.

Some eagle eyed people on Twitter noticed that Trump appeared to be wearing high heeled shoes, or lifts.

Take a look:

As you could imagine, Twitter had some thoughts:

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The idea of Trump wearing heels or lifts isn’t new.

Take look at how he stands:

Weird! It looks like Trump is leaning forward and about to tip over. Like the Leaning Tower of Trump.

Dr. Jack Brown, a physician and expert in body language, wrote a detailed post about the way Trump stands. Brown wrote that “Trump is standing with this posture โ€” primarily because he has specially crafted, โ€˜lift shoesโ€™. His added 2.5โ€“3.5 inch heel-height causes him to lean forward. This configuration is accentuated by his obesity.”

This Twitter thread from Dr. Brown further details why Trump stands like he does:


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