Former Apprentice Staffer Says Trump’s Mental Condition Should Concern Us All

Noel Casler, a former staffer on The Apprentice currently working as a stand-up comic claims that Donald Trump was a “speed freak” who snorted Adderall.

Casler is very active on Twitter and often offers little tidbits of information about his time on The Apprentice, and gives us a look into Trump’s mind.

For instance, there is this tweet about Trump liking to snort Adderall and Sudafed from the UK:

Casler also reveals information about Ivanka, such as this tidbit about Ivanka not being able to breathe out of her nose due to plastic surgery:

But mainly Casler has his sights set on Trump, and rightfully so. Trump’s behavior and obvious mental issue should concern all Americans.

Take a look at this photo of Trump:

Casler nails it. Would you allow a pilot to fly looking like this? Of course not!

According to Casler, Donald Trump is a “speed freak” who snorts Adderall, which is something we all guessed—and he’s also invited teen beauty pageants up to his suite, back when he held beauty pageants.

Casler’s description of Trump’s behavior at beauty pageants is consistent with everything we’ve seen and heard already:

“I worked on a bunch of those beauty pageants he had in the nineties too. That was a good idea, Miss Teen Universe? Yeah, that’s like giving Jeffrey Dahmer a cooking show. He would line up the girls on the side of the stage, and he would inspect them literally, he would stick his little freaking doll fingers in their mouth and look at their teeth. I’m not kidding, this is true, he would line them up like they were pieces of meat. He’d be like, “You, you, and you, if you want to win I’m in the penthouse suite, come and see me.” Yep. If Trump had a cooking show they’d caught the douchebag diet. McDonald’s, chocolate ice cream, and girls that look like Ivanka are all he ever eats.”

Casler also claims that the president is a “speed freak,” “who crushes up his Adderall and he sniffs it because he can’t read, so he gets really nervous when he has to read the cue cards.”

“That’s why he’s sniffling when you see him during the debates…that’s why he’s tweeting…he’s out of his mind.”

“I’m not kidding this is true. I had a 24-page NDA non-disclosure agreement, I didn’t know that he was becoming president, now it’s no way dumbass, I’m telling you everything I know,” Casler said.



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