Photos Show Trump With Apparent Head Injury and People Are Concerned

Donald Trump has had a rough few weeks, and recently discovered photos have people asking whether Trump might have suffered some kind of head injury.

First, let’s go over the past few weeks.

Axios reported that on multiple occasions, Trump has suggested to aides that we try to stop hurricanes by dropping nuclear bombs on them. “You could hear a gnat fart in that meeting,” a person present on one such occasion told them. “People were astonished. After the meeting ended, we thought, ‘What the f—? What do we do with this?’”

Trump suggested that we buy Greenland from the Danes; amid worldwide mockery, the Danish prime minister called the idea “absurd,” and a petulant Trump responded by cancelling a scheduled trip to Denmark, saying the prime minister was “nasty,” a word he often uses to describe women who contradict him.

He tweeted that “American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China.” The president has no power to “hereby order” private companies to stop dealing with a foreign country, let alone by tweet.

He tweeted a surveillance image of an Iranian launch site, potentially giving foreign adversaries sensitive information about American intelligence-gathering capabilities.

He repeatedly mused that America’s involvement in Afghanistan could be ended very easily by committing the worst genocide in human history, but noted that he has decided against that particular strategy.

In the midst of a tirade on trade with China, he looked to the heavens and said, “I am the chosen one!”

Sounds pretty crazy, huh?

Now, add to that a photo that appears to show Trump with some kind of head injury.

Take a look at Trump’s forehead right above his eyebrows:

That looks like Trump was inured somehow. Perhaps walking into a door??

If you increase the contrast on the photo, you can really see the injury:

Twitter was buzzing with lots of people asking the same question:

You can also see the mark in the video:

So, did something happen? I mean, with the way Trump has been acting, it wouldn’t be crazy to surmise he has a head injury. Americans have a right to question Trump’s health and mental fitness for office. If Trump was an airline pilot or a CEO or a surgeon and displayed the behavior he does, he’d be quickly removed from his position.

Of course, Trump won’t be removed from office, even as he is guaranteed to keep doing and saying what he has been doing and saying. And what would happen if he got worse? If his statements became even more bizarre, if he grew even more impulsive and consumed with slights, if his weird verbal miscues became even more frequent?

The answer is: exactly what happens now. Trump has around him an infrastructure of support—his own aides, Republicans in Congress, and perhaps most importantly, a conservative media apparatus centered on Fox News—that will work tirelessly to excuse, explain and justify literally anything he does, no matter how terrifying.

They’re so used to it by now that even if Trump were to suffer a complete breakdown or show evidence of profound incapacity they would change nothing about their modus operandi. Some would even express their glee at how Trump’s mental struggles were driving the libs crazy. They would perform logical acrobatics to explain why he absolutely meant whatever surreal assertion he just made, and why it’s actually true if you think about it a certain way. They would tell Trump’s supporters that nothing is more important than defending their president against those dastardly Democrats.


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