Trump Just Sent a Tweet That Has People Questioning His Mental Health, ‘Is He Having a Psychotic Break?

Donald Trump just tweeted a doctored CNN video showing a meteorologist saying Alabama was at risk of getting hit by Hurricane Dorian as he continued to lambast media coverage of his assertion the state was in the path of the storm.

Trump tweeted a video showing a CNN meteorologist explaining that the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Alabama were at risk, editing the video so the reporter says “Alabama” 10 times back-to-back.

The video then shows a CNN logo going down a road in lieu of a car only to drive off the street and explode.

Trump has repeatedly hammered media coverage of his comments about Dorian hitting Alabama, doubling down on his assertion and suggesting reporters were not treating him fairly.

“The Fake News Media was fixated on the fact that I properly said, at the beginnings of Hurricane Dorian, that in addition to Florida & other states, Alabama may also be grazed or hit,” Trump tweeted Friday.

“Check out maps…This nonsense has never happened to another President. Four days of corrupt reporting, still without an apology.”

Trump first sparked controversy Wednesday when he displayed a map in the Oval Office showing Dorian making its way up the East Coast.

But the storm’s path was extended with Sharpie to include Alabama, though the National Hurricane Center’s own projections did not show the state was in the storm’s path.

Twitter is concerned:


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