Trump Just Tweeted That He Personally Saved Lives in the Bahamas, ‘Without Me There’d Be More Casualties!’

Donald Trump says Hurricane Dorian’s death toll in the Bahamas would have been significantly higher without his help – even though leaders on the island still have no idea what the final death toll will be.

In a tweet on Saturday morning Trump thanked Bahamian prime minister Hubert Minnis for his “very gracious and kind words” that “without the help of the United States and me, their would have been many more casualties”.

(Yes, he wrote THEIR, not THERE).

He then went on to thank FEMA, the US Coast Guard, and the “brave” people on the Bahamas.

Bahama leaders believe hundreds and perhaps thousands are still missing in the archipelago nation of about 400,000 people, even as the official death toll rose only to 43 as of late on Friday.

The most powerful hurricane on record to hit the Bahamas leveled some neighborhoods, swallowed others with storm surges and caused what one official described as a “staggering” number of deaths.

The medical chief of staff at Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau said two refrigerated, 40-foot trucks would be needed to hold the “staggering” number of bodies likely to be found.

“We’ve ordered lots of body bags,” said Dr. Caroline Burnett-Garraway.

The United Nations estimated 70,000 people are in “immediate need of life-saving assistance” such as food, water and shelter. But the Red Cross said aid missions have been difficult as there are no places for helicopters to land in parts of the archipelago.

But hey, Trump helped, right?

Twitter had a field day:


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