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Watch Trump Use the ‘C Word’ After He Criticized Chrissy Teigen for Having a ‘Foul Mouth’

Donald Trump likes to swear and use curse words.

This really isn’t a surprise to anyone, as Trump has used swear words frequently in public.

Trump’s love of profanity made is seem rather hypocritical when the president attacked model/actress Chrissy Teigen on Twitter and called her the “foul-mouthed wife” of singer John Legend.

It’s odd Trump would call someone else foul-mouthed, when Trump’s own mouth is pretty foul.

Of course, other politicians have sworn. Vice President Joe Biden called the Affordable Care Act a “big f—ing deal” in a moment picked up by a microphone, while President George W. Bush called a reporter a “major-league a–hole” in another hot mic moment. Vice President Dick Cheney once told a Democratic senator to “go f— yourself,” and presidents Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson were notoriously profane while talking with advisors.

But those were all private moments. Trump has regularly used curse words at public events, especially on the campaign trail where he sprinkled his speeches liberally with “damn” and “hell” and even “s—“ and “p—-.” In a notorious speech in Las Vegas in 2011, he dropped the f-word repeatedly, arguing that his message to China would be ““Listen you motherf—ers, we’re going to tax you 25 percent!”

And if you go further back, Trump uses even worse words…take a look:



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