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Chuck Woolery Whines That Supporting Trump Has Destroyed His Career

Chuck Woolery seemingly had it made. He had a successful career, and a loyal audience, but lost it all by openly supporting President Donald Trump, the legendary former game show host told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday.

The confession follows a tweet Woolery fired off last week in which he claimed to have “destroyed” his career by “openly supporting Trump” and revealing to the public that he is a conservative.

Speaking with “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade, he said it was a “self-deprecating tweet” because he knows many of his followers would be happy if he wasn’t doing well because of his political stance.

“I’ve got about 650 or 700,000 followers,” he said, according to Fox News. Woolery said the post made it look as if he was “losing in life” and things “just went crazy.” It was the most popular tweet Woolery had ever posted. “So as long as you’re a loser they love you,” he said.

“These people sit in their basement, and they make it look like there are thousands of people complaining about Chuck Woolery or about the products and who he represents,” he said, adding that they would ask “how could you let this fascist, racist guy represent your company” when none of what they were saying was true.

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“They just make this stuff up and throw it out [there] because they want to destroy your life,” Woolery said. “They don’t just want to disagree with you. They are so vehement and so virulent. They just want to destroy you and that’s their purpose.”



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