Watch Nasty Trump Repeatedly Scream ‘Be Quiet’ at Reporters After He Asked About Ukraine Call

Donald Trump is denying that he asked the Department of Justice to interfere in the Ukraine matter…and he doesn’t seem to be a very happy camper.

During a press spray outside the White House on Friday morning, the president addressed a report from the Washington Post which stated that he wanted Attorney General William Barr to hold a news conference absolving him of wrongdoing. Trump denied the story’s assertion that he sought help from the DOJ, and from Barr.

“I never spoke to them about anything, except for Bill Barr,” Trump said. “Bill Barr can do whatever he wants to do.”

Later in the spray, Trump elaborated.

“I never asked him for a press conference,” Trump said. He added, “And if I ask Bill Barr to have a press conference, I think he’d do it. But I never asked him to have a press conference. Why should I? You know why I wouldn’t do it? Because the phone call [with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky] was perfect.”

Trump also said there’s a second phone call with Zelensky.

“I have a second call, which nobody knows about, and I guess they want that to be produced as well,” Trump said, referring to the House committees investigating him. “If they want it, I’ll give it to them. I haven’t seen it recently. I have no problem giving it to them,” Trump continued. Trump also acknowledged there’s a phone call between Zelensky and Vice President Mike Pence, which he said he’ll leave “up to Mike” to release.

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During the spray Trump also starting yelling at a reporter to be quiet, even pointing his finger in anger.



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