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Americans’ Staggering Bill for Ivanka Trump’s Davos Trip Will Make You Sick

And what did we get for the money?

In this administration, a two day trip to Davos Switzerland, planned primarily to get Trump out of the country during the impeachment trial, cost more than most citizens will make in their entire lifetime.

Indeed,  just renting vehicles for Ivanka alone cost more money than many hard-working citizens make in a year. From Citizens for Ethics

Vehicles rented by the US Secret Service to shuttle Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and advisor, around Davos will add another $34,000 to the cost of the administration’s two-day trip to this year’s World Economic Forum, helping nudge the total price tag past $4 million.

When the federal government spends money it tends to take on a “play money” meaningless sort of feel.

But it is actually real, and it actually comes out of a bank account.

Since it is real, you should be aware that the trip included the most minor duties or roles one can conceive.

Trump talked about himself with picturesque mountains in the background.

Ivanka gave a presentation about empowering women, a presentation full of “facts” that couldn’t be confirmed by anyone, and delivered by a person with no background in policy, no experience, or education, she spoke of a “program” she supposedly runs. She is there solely because she is Trump’s daughter. Everyone felt the wave of embarrassment except Ivanka and Don.

Try to imagine the Republican reaction if Michelle Obama (who is qualified) was ferried around Davos to give policy talks on official government initiatives.

Cherry on top? That part about driving Ivanka from hotel to the conference in a TINY town, just the rental cars, somehow cost $34,000.  How is that even possible!


The average Walmart worker stares at his or her paycheck, and realizes he or she is stranded in a separate world.


Peace, y’all


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