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Irony Commits Suicide: Trump “Impeachment Weaponizing 2020”

Holy shit! This is grade AAA ironic, blind, dumb, most obvious projection ever.

Herewith, gaze in awe, rarely does one see such perfection:

He is not done!

You stupid ass mother ffffff ….

This is the rarest of occasions when a president weaponized foreign policy for his own political needs in order to destroy all fairness in the 2020 election.

At least Nixon confined his crimes to domestic politics and didn’t put lives in danger on the battlefield to help our adversary – Russia – while hurting our ally, Ukraine!

The reason impeachment is absolutely required in an election year is that your actions directly destroy the opportunity for a free and fair election. Destroying the free and fair election was your entire motivation, witnesses have admitted it!!

Wanna know how else we know?

Because  everything you have ever done was motivated by what’s in it for you, how you can make some money, gain some power, pull one over on a bunch of rubes.

 If impeachment is only being done as a weapon for 2020, then by all means, Biff, stand-up and prove it. Show every American how you’ve been right all along! Stop hiding every single witness and document, stop crying on Twitter, stop crying period!

Jesus Christ as the parliamentarian, this is a real beauty, even for you, Biff. Every once in a while, I do have to admit, you have a certain genius for accidentally issuing the most ironic bullshit ever created.


Peace, y’all


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