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Trump’s ‘Vagina Neck’ is Trending on Social Media and Trump is Now a Laughing Stock

Saturday on Twitter conservatives decided to make #PencilNeckSchiff trend.

So mature!

Trump has often criticized California Rep. Adam Schiff by calling him a “pencil neck” and criticizing the size of Schiff’s neck. Which must be some Trump/alpha male thing because I just don’t get it.

At his rally on Thursday night in Ohio, Trump continue to attack Schiff.

“Say Adam, how are you doing?” said the president, pretending to have a conversation with Schiff. “Listen, we have the world’s number one terrorist, killed thousands and thousands of people. We’d like to set up a meeting so we can discuss his execution. Would you be willing to meet? ‘Well, I won’t be able to make it this week.’ Well, you know, he’s traveling fast. We’ve got him lined up, Adam, you little pencil neck.”

After the laughing crowd calmed down, he continued: “Nine inches. He buys the smallest shirt collar you can get and it’s loose. Now, come on, Adam. We’ve got to be faster. We’ve got him lined up. We’ve got to take this guy out. We are not going to have another shot at him maybe ever again. ‘But I can’t make it now because I’m trying to impeach Trump. I’m trying to impeach. Even though he did nothing wrong.’”

And so, conservatives for #PencilNeckSchiff trending on Twitter.

But it didn’t last for long.

Ya see, Trump isn’t exactly a prize.

Imagine seeing Trump in BIKE SHORTS? Good God.

So, liberal Twitter went to work.

Before you knew it, people weren’t talking about Schiff’s neck, they were talking about Trump’s flabby “neck vagina.”

Yep, Twitter is great.

Take a look:


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