WH Press Secretary Explodes After Stephen Colbert Mocks Melania Trump, ‘This Was Disgraceful!’

Before grilling billionaire Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer over basically buying his way onto the debate stage, The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert addressed the most important news of the day in his monologue, and that included a little joke about Melania Trump.

And the White House is not happy.

“Let’s start off the evening on a positive note: Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A beautiful day to celebrate, a beautiful message to remember,” he announced.

Then, the late-night comic pivoted to first lady Melania Trump’s MLK Day tweet honoring the late civil rights hero.

“Melania’s tweet was short and sweet. ‘Together we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #MLKDay,’” said Colbert. “She really relates to Dr. King’s message—especially the part about wanting to be ‘free at last.’” With a grin, he added, “It’s what I heard.”

“The oddest thing about that tweet was the graphic she used, which just said ‘MLK Day.’ Timely…and factual,” offered Colbert. “And I’m being told we have a preview of the first lady’s tweet for tomorrow: Together we honor—Tuesday, January 21.’ Again, so truthful.”

I mean, look at her tweet, it is mock-worthy, isn’t it?

With that, he went into the other thing that happened once on MLK Day: Trump’s inauguration—you know, that poorly-attended, terribly tacky soiree.

“In addition to this being MLK Day, it’s also the third anniversary of Trump’s inauguration,” said Colbert. “I think we all remember where we were when we weren’t there.”

Well, the White House was not pleased about this.

In a statement to The Daily Caller, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said, “Here we go again – an irrelevant late night talk show host mocking the First Lady, when her main focus is serving the American people.”

Grisham continued, “His comments were disgraceful, and certainly not original, but that doesn’t seem to matter when you’re hurting for ratings.”

Watch and tell me if you really found this innocent joke disgraceful. She’s the First Lady, every First Lady has been teased…it’s a part of the job!


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