Axios Reporting that Trump Aides Admit He Has ‘Crossed a Psychological Line’ — and Not for the Better

Yes, he learned a lesson.

He learned that nothing matters anymore and he no longer has to restrain his “instincts,” that part of him that tells himself he’s great, all powerful, the genius … he no longer need listen to anyone, now. Trump has lost that tiny tether to sanity that sort of kept him together, at least enough to keep appearances up. He is “post impeachment,” and that means the “fear” that kept him “normal” (relative) is gone. He is “free.”

He no longer cares about appearances, and he no longer needs anyone else. He is going to fire everyone not on board with the dictatorship. He himself is the only thing that matters, so he’s going to require 100% loyalty.

This is terrifying. Tell me this doesn’t sound like “Nicaragua” or “Iraq.”

According to their report Sunday, Axios revealed that the president has been compiling a dossier on federal employees he believes are disloyal to him.

Yeah, that’s exactly what fascists do. They don’t question who’s doing a good job for the nation. They question who’s doing the best job of protecting the leader, personally.

“A well-connected network of conservative activists with close ties to Trump and top administration officials is quietly helping develop these “Never Trump”/pro-Trump lists, and some sent memos to Trump to shape his views, per sources with direct knowledge,” Axios reported. “Members of this network include Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and Republican Senate staffer Barbara Ledeen.” 

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Coordination between the presidency and a Supreme Court Justice? (Please, let’s all be grown-ups and NOT act like Ginni isn’t telling Justice Thomas exactly what is happening and why, plus getting Thomas’s input on what’s going on at the court and feeding it back to Trump.) Coordination between the SCOTUS and the president should result in congressional hearings … were we a democracy. Because how can one have “congressional investigations” when part of Congress is involved?

The memos about people to include in the Trump purge have created tension, Axios explained. People close to Trump constantly tell him that some people working his own White House were undermining him. For a president who often deals with intense bouts of paranoia, it’s only making things worse.

Paranoid people who can increase their own power by getting rid of others? “Telling on other people?” Feeding paranoid lies fed to a paranoid president, one who fears only losing his grip own power? Sounds like fascism to me.

Now, the only good news.

This report got out. The report stating that Trump has crossed a psychological line is out. The report about his purge got out. The report that names names, Ginni Thomas, court coordination, etc. is out.

It means that the fight isn’t over. There are still people who believe in democracy, and are fighting back. Hearing reports that Trump has a purge list, that he’s got a dossier, that people from the courts and congress are involved? The only thing worse is if things go dead quiet, and we hear “All is well.”

It is not well, but it’s not over, either.


Peace, y’all


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