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DANGER: Trump Unchained — Will Use Loyal FBI to Investigate Neutral CIA Investigating Russian Interference

Classic fascism. Trump has chosen to use a department that he sees as 100% loyal to him – the Justice Department and FBI, to “investigate” a department that Trump does not feel is loyal, the CIA.

The CIA happens to be the department that found Russian interference in our last election.  This move has me shaking as I write because the implications are obvious and terrifying, as I shall explain. (Even though you know them, too already).

President Donald Trump has long complained about the CIA assessment that Russia interfered in the election on his behalf, and Barr has appointed U.S. District Attorney John Durham to investigate whether that conclusion was part of a “deep state” conspiracy to discredit the president, reported the New York Times.

Any time you hear the term “Deep State,” please read that to be, “honest career civil servants who likely will not pledge undying loyalty to Trump. A concrete example: Lt. Col. Vindman is a career civil servant who did not pledge unquestioned loyalty to Trump and filed a complaint when he saw illegality occur.

Durham’s questions suggest he’s seeking evidence to prove a conspiracy theory that the CIA and its then-director John Brennan had a preconceived notion about Russia, and was nefariously preventing other agencies from seeing intelligence that undercut that conclusion.

This is all my balls. John Brennan is an icon, a giant in Washington DC and throughout government. If he had a “preconceived notion about Russia,” it is because he had preconceived intelligence that he had seen for years coming in that led him to conclude that Russia was actively involved in fcking our election.

To the extent that Brennan kept other agencies from seeing the intelligence, it surely had more to do with the fact that Brennan did not want to burn his sources that obtained the intelligence, and the fact that Brennan didn’t want the intelligence floating throughout the federal government where it was sure to leak.

This investigation into Brennan is a true witch-hunt. It is going after Brennan for putting the truth to use. This is an attempt to use Barr to destroy the CIA because the CIA is the one organization that could catch Trump colluding with Russian again in 2020.

What better way to keep the CIA out of analyzing what they find in 2020 than to keep them involved in defending their action in 2016?

These people represent a terrifying new danger on the American scene. Barr is the loyal servant, and his charge is to use his ability to arrest and prosecute as he goes after any CIA agent or department that proves to be “disloyal” to Trump.

Fascism. We are seeing it again. Fascism is the continuing theme coming out of the acquittal and we’re seeing it in every direction. I will keep pointing it out here on Flare for all of you. Please pass it along, fascism has trouble working within an informed population.


Peace, y’all


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