DEMENTIA ALERT: Watch Trump Thank the ‘United Arab Air Mattress’ Instead of ‘United Arab Emirates’

Last week Donald Trump unveiled his Middle East Peace Plan and it was a joke…dead on arrival.

The Palestinian Authority has now cut all ties with the U.S. and Israel, including those relating to security, after being presented with Trump’s plan, that was reportedly written by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The blueprint, endorsed by the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, calls for the creation of a demilitarized Palestinian state that would exclude Jewish settlements built in occupied territory and remain under near-total Israeli security control.

“We’ve informed the Israeli side … that there will be no relations at all with them and the United States including security ties,” Abbas told the one-day emergency meeting in Cairo, which was called to discuss Trump’s plan.

During the unveiling on the plan, Trump had a little issue speaking, which is becoming more and more common.

At one point during his speech, Trump thanked what sounded like the “United Arab Air Mattress”. Of course he’s referring to the United Arab Emirates which isn’t really that difficult to say?

And this isn’t the first time Trump has messed up basic words…it is happening all the time now.

At Trump’s New Jersey rally last week, he flubbed two basic words.

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And what the heck is this:

I think it’s fair to question whether something is going on with Trump’s neurological health.

After age 40, the brain decreases in volume by about 5 percent every decade. The most noticeable loss is in the frontal lobes.

These lobes control very important processes, from language to judgment to impulsivity.

Everyone experiences at least some degree of cognitive and motor decline over time, and some 8.8 percent of Americans over 65 now have dementia.

An annual presidential physical exam at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center is customary, but we haven’t heard of any physical being scheduled yet this year, even though it is already February.

But the utility of a standard physical exam—knowing a president’s blood pressure and weight and the like—is meager compared with the value of comprehensive neurological, psychological, and psychiatric evaluations. These are not part of a standard physical.

Even if they were voluntarily undertaken, there would be no requirement to disclose the results.

A president could be actively hallucinating, threatening to launch a nuclear attack based on intelligence he had just obtained from Jeanine Pirro, and the medical community could be relegated to speculation from afar.

Even if the country’s psychiatrists were to make a unanimous statement regarding the president’s mental health, their words might be written off as partisan in today’s political environment.

With declining support for fact-based discourse and trust in expert assessments, would there be any way of convincing Americans that these doctors weren’t simply lying, treasonous “liberals”—globalist snowflakes who got triggered?

Anyway, watch Trump once again demonstrate he is not fit to hold the office of President of the United States:


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