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OUTRAGE: Ivanka’s UAE ‘Women’s Conference’ Happened to Coincide With Anniversary of Trump Dubai Club

It was just over the weekend that we noted that Princess Ivanka spends a great deal of her time promoting the global women’s issues in areas of the globe swimming in money, such as Davos, and Dubai. She has yet to be seen promoting women’s economic growth in Honduras, Mali, or Sri Lanka. Of course, like everything Ivanka, her commitment to “women’s cause” is about as real as her facial structure.

Now we learn that not did Princess Ivanka plan a women’s conference in a state whose leader imprisoned his daughters, but Ivanka “just by chance” had her trip overlap with the promotion of the 3 year anniversary of her daddy’s golf club in Dubai. What a fortunate coincidence! It is almost like she could get the United States to pay for her big flashy trip over there to promote her daddy’s money-maker.

It all “links” together, of “course.”

The first daughter participated in photo ops, meetings with Dubai officials — and even a video (above) showing her strolling languorously through the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi in a flowing gown and hijab produced by the federally funded Voice of America. She gave the keynote address in the two-day Global Women’s Forum in Dubai on Sunday.

Publicity that draws attention to Dubai’s Trump-branded golf course financially benefits President Donald Trump and his family members. The course was developed by major Dubai real estate developer Damac Properties, which pays to license the Trump name and pays the Trump Organization to run the course.

A “flowing gown” is what they called that outfit? And here I thought that since Princess was visiting a country that has similar geography to the Star Wars planet Jakku, she recycled leftover costumes from The Rise of Skywalker.

Regardless, getting back to the issue at hand, with the Trumps, nothing is ever about just “doing the right thing.” It is always about “cross-branding,” and squeezing the American treasury for every penny they can get their grifting hands upon.

We should have known, indeed we probably did know that there was an underlying motive that didn’t comport with “global women’s conference.” The tip-off should have been that the host country still treats women as second class citizens.

It is different for princesses, though. Princesses get their trip paid for by the U.S. taxpayer and get to collect money from the golf club meant to suck in wealth for favors. Cool set-up, like being born into royalty, or stealing the crown jewels, whichever metaphor fits best.



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