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Ivanka Attends Women’s Conference in Nation Where Sheik is Currently Imprisoning his Own Daughter

Leave it to Princess Ivanka to promote women’s entrepreneurship in a city and country with a sheik leader who is holding his daughters captive, and whose wife escaped to seek asylum in Europe.

From the Daily Beast:

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai and one of the world’s richest men, has written a furious poem denouncing treachery and betrayal after his wife, Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, the daughter of the late King of Jordan and sister of the present king, secretly fled to Europe with their son Zayed, 7, and daughter Al Jalila, 11.

I am positive that these brave women fled because they believed Dubai, and the UAE generally, need only promote more business opportunities for women. They were awaiting their champion, Princess Ivanka, who flew in … but not to rescue. Ivanka is there to do her own business deals.

Without getting into a long backstory about the horrific poem the Sheik wrote to his “wife,” we can simply include this portion of the backstory to understand all we need about “women’s rights” in the UAE, of which Dubai is one of the strongest states:

Sources say bin Rashid was encouraged by his eldest sons to write the poem, which was shared initially in an Insatgram post by a trusted and senior adviser and has since swept around Arabic-language social networks. These sons are the product of his marriage to his first and senior wife, and they are reported to hold great animosity toward Haya, as bin Rashid more or less abandoned his senior wives when he married Haya (he has at least five and possibly as many as seven wives and acknowledges 23 children).

Questions were first raised about the status of the relationship after Haya was observed not to be at her husband’s side at the British race meeting Royal Ascot this month.

Princess Ivanka chooses to go to a nation where an acceptable scandal involves how the Sheik is treating his youngest wife, having abandoned the “senior wives,” undoubtedly for getting arm fat, and being disobedient.

Let’s be real here for a second. Ivanka is not in Dubai to promote women’s entrepreneurship, Ivanka is in Dubai because it is absolutely stuffed with cash and gold, and Ivanka wants to promote her own entrepreneurship in Dubai. The last thing Ivanka will do is stand-up and make a meaningful statement about women’s rights in a nation where women have no rights, never mind the right to own businesses and tell abusive men to go to hell.

States (Dubai is a city/state within the UAE) that have royalty flee for refugee status in Europe are not the type that respect women’s rights.

And yet our own American princess is there, having “meaningful dialogue” about opportunities to empower women blah blah blah.

Bullshit. She is there to get rich, look oh so pretty, and keep her damn mouth shut about the real abuses of women that occur in the nation she chose to have her little “talk,” which will be nothing but “talk.”

The business will occur behind closed doors, with the men that abuse women and use the junior wives as playthings. They will use Ivanka, too. She just won’t know it. She will agree, though, that their interests make sense and she will pass them along to the American King.

This is disgusting.


Peace, y’all


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