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Marco Rubio Obliviously Tweets Bible Verse SHAMING Republicans: Social Media RIOTS in Laughter

Let’s see if you can find some direct modern application to Marco Rubio’s verse of the day, something he and others of his ilk might be able to put to use right now. Think hard.

Yes, he really did send this out.

“Served their idols and ensnared by them?” You mean like pledging your loyalty to a ruthless dictator to the point that when you actually had an opportunity to remove him, you were too ensnared by him (blackmail?) and his base to vote against him?

Moreover, don’t doubt that Trump is still on the look out for his war, he might bumble into it by accident. Surely in a second term he will flex his muscle and might. What good is being a dictator if you can’t fight a war in your name?

The poor white are over represented in the military, Florida, and in the MAGA cult. If blood is to be shed in service of the false idol, it will be theirs.

Oh, the internet woke early on a Sunday to let Marco have it. The obviousness made the responses near immediate, unanimous and biting:

Sent by a particularly appropriate name, and also indicative of the stakes at play with Donald Trump as president.

To return to a theme we visited last night, the cult of Trump, a wonderful response to Marco:

We could take a particularly cynical take on Marco’s motivation for posting this tweet, it might be the most appropriate, too:

We should probably not post this one because … ah what the hell, it truly does expose what Marco has done in worshiping the most false of the false idols:

Since it is Sunday, we’re going to conclude with a couple of verses with wonderful applicability from which we can all learn, including Marco. So here is the Sunday morning church message from Flare:

That sounds about right.

Good Sunday morning, Flares. We’ll be with you all day with the good, the very bad, and instead of ugly, maybe we’ll make an effort at bringing you something pretty, and vacuous, and entitled and … (I’m sure Ivanka will be along any minute).


Peace, y’all


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