Melania Trump Says She’s Sick of the Left-Wing Media Attacking Her — Let’s Take a Look at That

While reading through a six month old Washington Post article researching Melania’s role in the upcoming campaign, I was struck by the stunning body contortion and flip-flops the article utilizes to avoid the clear conclusion: Melania is a spoiled brat that truly could not care less about her job or the message sent by wearing a $4,000 skirt and stilettos, an outfit that cost more than the average American family takes home in a month … to plant a damned tree.

Normally, the Washington Post does a decent job covering the Trump “enigma,” but this article failed on so many levels, that the only thing it did do was cover all the reasons to walk away convinced that Melania is as “deep” as Donald’s empathy, and only cares about spoiling herself while trying to look better and richer than “u.”

Speaking of which, to get going, peruse this paragraph and feel the fire build inside you. The Post is describing an awkward moment in cutting a ribbon:

Some might have laughed off the incident with a joke. Photo-ops go wrong. Like that pith helmet she wore on her Africa trip last year. Or those stilettos and $4,000 skirt she wore to plant a tree. Or that infamous jacket.

“Photo ops go wrong”?

Yes, that is true. The wind blows your skirt up above your face, some water gets splashed in a weird way or the turkey you are pardoning shits on the table. THOSE are photo-ops that “go wrong.”

It is NOT a harmless photo-op “gone wrong” when a person wears a jacket with one defining feature, an unavoidable “I Don’t Care, Do U” and it just happened to be worn on the day she was going to visit migrant centers on the border, full of suffering children. That is NOT a “photo-op gone wrong,” nor some “accident by someone who doesn’t understand.” Stop treating her like she is five!

That is a message sent by someone who doesn’t care, and she wants you to know she doesn’t care. She doesn’t want to do the minimal shit she actually does.  When she plagiarizes Michelle Obama’s speech, it’s not a “mistake.” And yet no one actually took the obvious conclusions from these “incidents” to seriously hold her accountable with real criticism.

Oh, she “tried” to get around the jacket thing when it didn’t play quite so well, from her interview on ABC News:

“I would prefer that they focus on what I do, and my initiatives, than what I wear,” she said. “You know I often asking myself, I would not wear that if I would have so much media coverage. It’s obvious I didn’t wear the jacket for the children. I wore the jacket to go on the plane and off the plane. And it was for the people and for the left-wing media who are criticizing me.”

Right, we totally believe you, Melania. It is not like the Trump administration uses the “left wing media” trope as an excuse for TONS of shit that maybe didn’t go quite right. So first you wore the jacket to send the real message, that you don’t care about the kids. And then when you and the administration figure out that it pissed off soccer mom voters across the country, you then lie about it and turn it on the favorite boogey-man, that meany left-wing media not “being best.”

Getting back to the Post, it is not the media’s job to “hammer” the First Lady. She is not an elected official. BUT, when the First Lady does a “photo-op” to promote an elected official, or cause, she does suddenly become someone who should be held accountable.

It is not unfair to hold Melania to the same standard you would in evaluating the average normal adult that you trust to drive your kids to softball. The “normal adult” who perhaps “doesn’t care” about migrants on the border, still says to herself, “It would look callous to wear a coat that says “I don’t care, Do u?” (Or, “I don’t think that people will get that I’m talking to the media,”) A normal adult that does pull such a stunt specifically wants you to get the message.

If Melania wants us to get the message, then damn it, promote the message she herself wants. She doesn’t give a fck about other immigrants, only herself as an immigrant, and her chain family of immigrants. THAT is the message, and there is no mystery!

It is the exact same thing with the $4,000 skirt and stilettos. Melania is not a child. Just like with the jacket, she picked those things out to wear to the tree planting. It is not like she thought she was going to a dance or formal dinner and got pulled aside by a maple tree in need of help. She knew what she was doing and chose the message. Why? Because she wants you to know that her priorities are looking too “rich” and “stylish,” to be planting trees. She needs you to see that she thinks she’s above this work, only “the help” plants trees.

The article notes that Melania has higher approval ratings than all the other Trumps, including Ivanka. But then, inexplicably, it posts this factoid as if there is couldn’t possibly be any relationship:

For those of us who follow the first lady, it’s been harder [than with previous first ladies] to really assess what Mrs. Trump is doing,” says Myra Gutin, professor of communication at Rider University. “There’s sometimes no rhyme or reason to it.” 

Wright, the Princeton scholar, cites a study she did that shows that Melania Trump made eight speeches in 2017, as opposed to Michelle Obama’s 74 and Laura Bush’s 42 in their first years.

No, it’s actually not hard to figure out at all. Melania has the “highest approval ratings of the Trumps” because no one ever hears a word from her. The other thing is that there definitely IS a “rhyme or reason.” She doesn’t want to do the things she goes out and does. If she wanted to “do speeches,” if she did “care,” then she would do them and care! It’s not rocket surgery.

When she does do public appearances, she shows us precisely what matters to her.

It is just fine in my mind if any given First Lady or Gentleman says: “Public appearances are not my thing, and I just am going to do my own work privately and take care of my family.” Fair enough. Absolutely. There is no “law” requiring Melania to “work” for the American people. To me, a decision to stay totally private should not be criticized. That is every man or woman’s right if he or she is not elected.

But once a “First Spouse” does start to promote herself and her husband’s administration, then her choices are “on her” and she’s held to the same standard we apply to every other damned adult. The fact is, those are not “photo-ops gone wrong,” and the Washington Post doesn’t “owe” Melania some embarrassingly infantile article that pretends all this is beyond explanation. If the article was a one off, or out of the norm, that would be one thing. But given this is exactly the type that is always written, it’s time to address it.

Indeed, the problem is not that Melania is “beyond explanation.” The problem is there is only one explanation and that explanation is as simple and uncaring as the message on her coat. She is a mean-spirited spoiled brat. I know it is “rude” of me to say. But apparently that doesn’t matter to Melania, so I’ll stick with her rules when discussing her.

I don’t know that I’ll do much research on her role from here on out. Bad for one’s blood pressure. Plus, it’s all pretty obvious, just no one will say it. She sees her role as being “hot” and “rich,” and if that offends you? Not a problem. She doesn’t care about “u.”


Peace, y’all


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